In 2016 for the Dingwall Book Festival I wrote and published a booklet on local architect James Joass.

In 2017 I made a book on 'Dingwall On The Waters', and for 2018 a booklet on General Hector McDonald of Ross-shire, the hero of Omdurman.

I have been investigating 19th C Highland ministers who were amateur archaeologists and geologists, and Alexander MacKay of Rhynie, who became a lay missionary in 19th C Uganda.

I have pitched without success several book ideas to publishers, about the 45 Rising told by eyewitnesses, about travellers’ lives in their own words.

Now in 2023 I have interest from the Ballad Partners co-operative publisher in books on:

Scotland’s women singers and songmakers from the 17th to the mid 20th centuries,

the Rymour Club’s publishing of material in the early 20th century,

and other small song publications in Scotland in the 20th century, including 1951 Sangs O The Stane, the Bo’ness Rebels, and Chapbook.


Ewan in June 2010 started his own publishing business as GALLUS PUBLISHING, and has written and published many books, including:

Lang Legged Beasties, Scottish Children’s Stories, Songs and Rhymes about animals.

Cod Liver Oil & The Orange Juice, Reminiscences Of A Fat Folk Singer, Hamish Imlach’s rumbustious autobiography of 1992 reissued, co-written by Ewan McVicar.

One Black Isle Night, stories from the 1001 Arabian Nights are retold as tales from and of Ross-shire 200 years ago.

The Eskimo Republic, Scots political song in action 1951-1999.

Ewan’s other published books include :

Doh Ray Me When Ah Wiz Wee, an anthology and discussion of Scottish children's songs and rhymes for the last 200 years, including many previously unpublished rude ones, was published by Birlinn in October 2007, and sold very well.

One Singer One Song, Old and New Stories and Songs of Glasgow Folk, published by Glasgow District Libraries, a 'Glasgow best-seller' in 1990.

Streets Schemes and Stages, co-written with Mary McCabe, an account of community arts supported by Strathclyde Region's Social Work Department for 1990, published by Strathclyde Regional Council in 1991.

Cod Liver Oil and The Orange Juice, Reminiscences of a Fat Folk Singer, co-written with singer Hamish Imlach, the latter's autobiographical reminiscences, published by Mainstream, another 'Glasgow best-seller' in 1992.

The Bonny Ship The Diamond, a teaching pack with book and cassette about Scotland's whalers, published by Jordanhill Publishing in about 1995.

Traditional Scottish Songs and Music, co-written with Kathleen Campbell, published in 2001 by Leckie and Leckie.

Ewan in 2009 completed The Eskimo Republic, a book about Scottish Political Song, 1951-1960.

In 2009/10 I worked to create, co-create and source web material for Learning & Teaching Scotland, for the Curriculum For Excellence, on The Caledonians, The Scots in Canada, and most notably a major new resource on Scotland’s Songs. In early 2010 he worked with Stuart McHardy to create and develop the approach of the new SCOTSFEST project, and is currently creating additional on-line Scots Song resources.

Other published material includes:

poetry and prose and articles in various publications, including three years of New Writing Scotland, Edinburgh Review, The Scotsman, Cencrastus and various anthologies;

Theatre writing :

Comin To The Well, community play for Motherwell Festival 1995;

The Magic Fiddle, storytelling with groups of children, for Mayfest 1995;

Which Way Does The Niger Flow, a professional touring show 1992;

a show in Nuremberg for Glasgow Nuremberg Twinning ceremony 1985;

various other shows in Scotland and Perm, Russia; etc, etc.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe reviewer for The Scotsman, 1996 and 1997.