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Currently working on two books -

*Scotland’s women ballad singers and songmakers

*Small 20th C song booklets, from Rymour Club to Sangs O The Stane, Bo’ness Rebels to Chapbook

*Until Covid hit I continued to work with Christine Kydd and Andy Shanks on cultural community and songwriting projects until Covid put the shutters up.

*I traced families of Highland and Moray singers recorded in 1931 by US ballad collector J M Carpenter, and published a book ‘Carpenter In The North’.

*Last year I assisted Maureen Ross at Balintore Heritage to make a storytelling element for the 2022 Seaboard Villages Festival, and made a website.

*I put a great deal of work into developing a joint project about Buchan song collecting for Ceildhmakers and the Elphinstone Institute, but it kept dangling awaiting academic action, and is in limbo still.